Saturday, August 28, 2010

The name

Now some of you are probably wondering, how on earth did he come up with such a cool name?
To put it simple,

Perfect Cell was the strongest character to have existed in DBZ. However, he was beaten by Gohan, some will say. But did he really? Let's look at some interesting facts.
1) Gohan was not alone. It took all of the Z-Fighters, save the ever so useful Yajirobe to defeat Cell.
2) What other character survived a fight against so many for that long?
3) Examine how many Kamehamehas it took to defeat Cell. I can't even count that high! Not to mention, the final blow was the Family Kamehameha, and that was already after 2 Final Flashes, a Big Bang Burst or two, a bunch of other attacks from the useless z-fighters (think Krillin (debatable), Yamcha, and the like).

The only other "villain" to possibly be close to Cell's strength would have to be Broly. He too, was defeated by a Family Kamehameha, but it took, overall, much less time to kill Broly than it did to kill Cell.



  1. agreed, buu could just turn him into choclate...

    lets just say, cell is bite sized :P