Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm back!

A few weeks ago, my motherboard on my desktop died :{ I was forced to use my laptop, which had no stored passwords on it (shame on me for not remembering, I know), so I couldn't update my blog. However, now that I've fixed my desktop (by myself, not paying 100 bucks for some Geek Squad employee to say "your vga cable wasn't plugged in" when it's obviously more than that), my blog will be updated once again!

Been playing a lot of TF2 lately. Such an amazing game, the graphics are outstanding yet simple, and the gameplay is so original. Had to give it up several times for several reasons, but now that my desktop can run it at over 20 FPS, I might break the top10 on some servers again!

What are your favourite classes in TF2? I'm really enjoying Soldier and Spy as of late, yet I used to main Demo and sniper when I was ranked 3rd on the 19th ranked server in the world.


  1. since i'm an engineer in real life, most of my time is played as engineer